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Story of 'Cruel Muslim Invaders' of India

The Hindu extremists cunningly picturise muslim rulers of India as 'cruel' with all bad qualities in them and that they destroyed 'age old' hindu traditions as the 'peaceful hindu' just stood like a silent spectator. Let us look at the history if what they claim is right or not.

Treatment of women and the 'Sati':
Hindu extremists claim that Sati (burning the wife along with his husband's corpse) was practiced to protect the husbandless widow from the 'cruel Muslim ruler' who would take her away and rape her. As if the ruler had nothing else to do other than searching for widows and raping them.

Lets look into History:
Sati was the name of Lord Shiva's (hindu God) wife. She burnt herself alive after cursing her own father for insulting her husband. In olden days, Indians used to regard the practice of Sati (burning wife along with his husband's corpse) as a religious ceremony. They believed Sati to be the 'highest virtue' of a woman. Brahman priests used to force Sati on women. If any lady is unwilling, the people would doubt her fidelity and affection towards her departed husband.

What Muslim Emporers did:
Akbar, one of the muslim rulers was the first king to take Sati seriously. He gave an order which stated "If a woman wants to practice sati on her will, she should not be stoped. But no woman must be forced Sati"
Aurangazeb, who was more strict in this aspect issued orders as soon as he came back from Kashmir in Dec. 1663 AD "In all hands under Mughal control, never again should the officials allow a woman to be burnt".

Polygamy was practiced by both muslims and hindus of that age especially the upper classes. Lower classes used to have only one wife irrespective of their religion. Mukundaram and Puija Madhava refer to a rich merchant marrying second wife khullana even though he had a wife (Lahana) and she was alive and had children. In Ghanaram chakravarty's 'Dhamamangal', Lausen had four wives namely Kalinga, Amala, Bimala, Kanara. Even the hindu scrptures allow marriage of more than one wife.
Hindu extremists who always point out fingure at Polygamy in Muslims have forgotten these facts and also that there are very few muslims who marry more than one wife in present India.

Cow Slaughter:
Akbar was the first Mughal king who prohibited killing of animals on 'sacred days'. He believed that killing cow was not good. He used to have food called 'Sufiyana food' which was purely vegitarian. This was surely somethingwhich was not taught by Islam. this was induced in him by his respect to Indian culture and beliefs.
Humayun considered beef was bad.
Another historian K.M.P Verma in his book 'Relevance of Gandhian Thought' says "Babar, Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, Ahmad Shah and Hyder Ali banned cow slaughter" in their kingdom.

Hindu Culture, traditions and Education:
Hindu extremists picturise Mughal kings as cruel invaders who destroyed hindu culture and traditions while actually history speaks quite opposite to this claim.
In Akbar's reign, cities like Banaras, Mithila, Navadwipa, Kashmir, Multan, Sirhind, Thatta and Gujarath flourished as centers for Hindu Education and culture.

Some of Hindu scholars and poets in the 'Cruel Invaders'' court were:

Akbar- Gangadhar, Mahesh, Kishun Joshi, Bhagawan, Tansen, Raja Todar Mal, Narahari Mahaprata, Ganga, Brahmadatta, Raja, Askaran, Manohar.

Jahangir- Jadrup Gosain, Rai Manohar lal, Bishun Das. Raja Surja Singh presented a hindu poet to Jahangir who was inpressed and gave an elephant to him as present.

Shah Jahan- Jagannath Pandith (author of Ras Gangadhar), Siromani Mishra, Vedanga Rai, Harinath (he was gited a horse, an elephant and one lakh Dawrs).

Dara Shukoh- Chanda Bham (a brahmin from Lahore)

Aurangazeb- Birdas, Bhushan, Brinda, Iswardas, Bhimsen.
Aurangazeb who is considered as a deadly enemy of Hindus, learned hindi and even appreciated hindu cultures and traditions. He had Raja Jai Singh, a hindu as his strong Nobel who faught with Shivaji (who is considered as the protector of hindu religion by RSS/VHP hindu extremists). Shivaji inturn had a pathan (muslim) unit under him and one of his strong aides was Didi Ibrahim, a muslim.

Caste System:
Tons of books are written on caste system that prevailed in Hindu society. Mughals were opposed this caste system but used to be genlte in this matter because they did not want to interfere in hindu religious sentiments. Brahmins used to ill treat lower castes called Shudras and Panchum Bundum. They were beaten up quite often if they tried to enter into villages. they were supposed to live in the village outskirts. Francis Euchanan in his book 'Journey from Madras through the countries of Mysore, Canara and Malabar writes that Brahmins never touched the plough and their farms were cultivated by shudras.Brahmins used to torture Parriars (Panchun Bandhum is divided into Parriar, Baluan, Schliar, Toti classes) if they tried to enter Brahmin temples or try to participate in their prayers of processions. Shudras were given their own temples and Brahman priests would never enter those temples. They considered a shame for themselves to pray to these 'low level' Gods of shudras. Brahmins used to travel in night along with their desciples beause they use to consider that other travellers (muslims and christians) would not give them the respect they deserve if they travel in the night. Parriars were treated so badly that no one would take the charity they gave. But Francis notes that if the parriars gave 1000 or 2000 pagodas, Brahmins used to accept.
He further writes that Hyder Ali, the king of Mysore used to give Shudras farms of their own and was 'so sensible of their feelings that he would not let them suffer by calling them by their proper name (shudras). He ordered that they should be called cultivators'.

Akbar issued orders declaring a marriage illegal if the girl was elder than the boy. If the girl was more elder by more than 12 years, the marriage was considered as illegal. This was to show respect to the Brahmins who strongly practiced ManuSmriti (hindu book of law) which says that the Bridegroom must be elder than the Bride. It should be noted here that Islam allowed marriages where the bride was elder than the bridegroom.

References: Glimpses of Social Life in Mughal India by Professor P.N.Ojha, Relevance of Gandhian thought by K.M.P Verma.

The hindu extremists and terrorists who are spreading lies about Muslim rulers so that they can keep their anti-muslim propaganda (which is the fuel for their movement) forgot that they can hide the history but can not change it.


Raja said...

It is said that life starts with lonliness and ends with lonliness. But I can prove that life is always lonliness.
Mera desh mahan
Mera dharm mahan
mera rajya mahan
mera district mahan
mera gaon mahan
mera gali mahan
mera ghar mahan
ghar me mey mahan
Sabkuch mahan par mey kyun hun ekeyla?

Om said...

Yes , what you are talking mostly about is Great King Akbar ,who is respected as one of the best Muslim Ruler.
Did you checked the history of all the other Kings who practiced Islam ?
If not then Google about these kings , they Top the list.

1) Timur , This bugger constructed a palace from the scalps of 100,000 kafir Hindus.
2) Muhammad bin Kasim, killed 10 million civilians and converted many.
3) Muhammad Gazni , brutally looted somnath temple 17 times , killed lakhs of civilians
4) Babar did something like building a Temple at Mecca ,
5) Aurangzeb imposed higher tax Zaziya to favour conversion to Islam..

List is very long and never ending ,..
Hinduism history is more than 5000 years ,, all older civilizations on the earth since then has been wiped out .. except Himduism which is immortal.

viewedit said...

NO matter how much u try to project islamic rulers as good people, it will fail, bec islam's goal of conquering the world and making it islam rule permits them to create attack and presently create terror among the people, so stop wasting peoples time by foolish blogs.

Unknown said...

Ur just portraying Hinduism as u understand it n not what it is n u always distort the real Islam which is always cruel barbaric n it fits only the 7th century middle eastern lifestyle n doesn't suit other countries so stop interpreting Hinduism

Unknown said...

Your was a persia n ruler who considered himself to be the rightful heir of Chengiz khan of Mongolia. Chengiz khan was a staunch enemy if Islam. He did not even allow his muslim subjects to eat halal meat or get circumcised. So please check.

shaik Abdul said...

Your was a persia n ruler who considered himself to be the rightful heir of Chengiz khan of Mongolia. Chengiz khan was a staunch enemy if Islam. He did not even allow his muslim subjects to eat halal meat or get circumcised. So please check.

sandy said...

This blog shows your Narrow Minded Nature.

sandy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aditya dubey said...

Akbar has also slaughtered 30000 civilians in chittor

aditya dubey said...

Yes islam teaches peace but its rule have used it for their political purposes .

Unknown said...

There are Hindu rules in Travencore of Kerala,who collected Breast tax from women..what a shame...
Ashoka kills 99 his brothers..

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