Saturday, March 7, 2009

Anti-Muslim Propaganda in Yoga classes

Forty newly-appointed teachers were sent for Yoga training at Matoshri Upasna Vidyapith at Kharodi (Mumbai) by the Municipal Education department. Out of 40, 12 were Muslim teachers who were shown a Video CD during camp.

The CD contained extremely objectionable remarks about Islam. Later when they asked for permission to go out for Friday namaaz, the person-in-charge handed them over a form and asked to give an undertaking that they will not perform namaaz or any other Islamic prayer during their stay at the camp.

Astonished, the teachers spoke to higher officials and questioned the link between Yoga and anti-Muslim propaganda or not letting them go for namaaz. The senior officials called back the Muslim teachers from the camp the same evening. Later the issue rocked the Mumbai Municipal Corporation’s education wing meet.

The secretary of Education Committee Mohan Kandalgaonkar brought up the issue. He alleged that had the Muslim teachers created a scene there, they would have been labelled militants. The Deputy Municipal Commissioner Nande and other officials later apologised and it was unanimously agreed upon that in future Muslim teachers would not be sent on such camps unless officials hold talks with the organisers of the camp.

Though the issue was resolved later but the question arises that how those at the Yoga training class decided to stop Muslims from prayers in this democratic country. And it was when the group had a dozen Muslims and the entire episode occured in Mumbai, not in a faraway town.

Anti-Muslim Modi: Police cheifs

Two senior police officers posted in Gujarat during the 2002 anti-Muslim riots have submitted to the Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigation Team (SIT) the details of strong “anti-Muslim bias” in the state government.

In their affidavits, R.B. Sreekumar, a former additional director general of police (ADGP) who was in-charge of the state Intelligence Bureau during the riots, and Rahul Sharma, the then Bhavnagar Superintendent of Police, questioned the impartiality of the administration.

The SIT on Thursday submitted to the SC its report on the status of probe in the 10 major riots cases it is re-investigating.

“The Chief Minister summoned me to his chamber on May 7, 2002, and instructed me not to concentrate on Sangh Parivar, as its members were not doing anything illegal. He asked me to concentrate on Muslim militants, and get data on Amanpath, suspected to be a Muslim group,” Sreekumar said in his affidavit. Narendra Modi was the CM then.

The government refused to respond to Sreekumar’s allegation. “Such absurd statements do not merit a response. He is anyway a biased officer who joined Teesta Setalwad's organisation after retirement,” said a senior official, who didn’t wish to be identified.

“K.P.S. Gill, the adviser to the Chief Minister, had told state police chief K. Chakravarthy not to reform the politicians — meaning thereby, not to take any action against the VHP and Bajrang Dal. The adviser also wanted the police to vacate the riot victims living in the relief camps, exhibiting a clear anti-Muslim bias,” Sreekumar said in his affidavit.

Sreekumar told HT he was willing to be cross-examined. “Why are they not cross-examining me on… what I have stated on oath in the affidavits," he said, hinting at more damning facts against the government.

Sharma, who is a Deputy Inspector General, CBI, in Mumbai, said: "Minister of State for Home Gordhan Zadaphia had contacted me and said the ratio of deaths as a result of police firing was not proper. What I understood was that, he was complaining about more number of deaths of Hindus as compared to Muslims in Bhavnagar city."

In his affidavit, Sharma said a large part of the police records related to riots had been destroyed and “it was on my own conscience that I managed to submit to the investigating agencies what I could protect”.

Interestingly, Sreekumar and Sharma both faced the wrath of the Modi government for not toeing the “official line”. Sreekumar, who retired in February, was chargesheeted in 2005, for leaking intelligence reports. Last year, the Ahmedabad bench of the Central Administrative Tribunal quashed the government order and directed payment of all dues to him and slammed the government for denying him a promotion.

Sharma was shunted out of Bhavnagar within days of his talk with Zadaphia to an insignificant position in the Ahmedabad Control Room.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Excerpts from Secret Circular No.411 issued by the RSS:

Scheduled Castes and Other Backward Classes are to be recruited to the party so as to increase the volunteers to fight against the Ambedkarites and Mussalmans.

Hindutva should be preached with a vengeance among physicians and pharmacists so that, with their help, time expired [sic.] and spurious medicines might be distributed amongst the Scheduled Castes, Mussalmans and Scheduled Tribes. The newborn infants of Shudras, Ati-Shudras, Mussalmans, Christians and the like should be crippled by administering injections to them. To this end, there should be a show of blood-donation camps.

Encouragement and instigation should be carried on [sic.] more vigorously so that the womenfolk of Scheduled Castes, Mussalmans and Christians live by prostitution.

Plans should be made more foolproof so that the people of the Scheduled Castes, Backward Classes, Musslamans and Christians, especially the Ambedkarites, become crippled by taking in [sic.] harmful eatables.

Special attention should be given to the students of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes so as to make them read the history written according to our dictates.

During riots the women of Mussalmans and Scheduled Castes should be gang-raped. Friends and acquaintances cannot be spared. The work should proceed on the Surat model.

Publication of writings against Mussalmans, Christians, Buddhists and Ambedkarites should be accelerated. Essays and writings should be published in such a way as to prove that Ashoka was opposed to the Aryans.

All literature opposed to Hindus and Brahmins are [sic.] to be destroyed. Dalits, Mussalmans, Christians and Ambedkarites should be searched out. Care should be taken to see that this literature do [sic.] not reach public places. Hindu literature is to apply [sic.] to the Backward Classes and Ambedkarites.

The demand by the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes for filling in the backlog vacancies in services shall by no means be met. Watch should be kept to see that their demands for entry and promotion in government, non-government or semi-government institutions are to be rejected and their service records are destroyed with damaging reports.

Measures should be taken to make the prejudices amongst Scheduled Castes and Backward people more deep-rooted. To this end, help must be taken from saints and ascetics.

Attacks should be started with vigour against equality, preaching communists [sic.], Ambedkarites, Islamic teachers, Christian missionaries and neighbours [?].

Assaults should be made on Ambedkar's statues with greater efforts.

Dalit and Muslim writers are to be recruited to the party and by them essays and literature opposed to the Dalits, Ambedkarites and Mussalmans written and preached [sic.]. Attention is to be paid to see that these writings are properly edited and preached [sic.].

Those opposed to Hindutva are to be murdered through false encounters. For this work the help of the police and semi-military [sic.] forces should always be taken."[2]

In the face of this circular, no more evidence is needed to show what Hindutva actually bodes for the Dalit-Bahujans. It circular very clearly indicates that Hindutva aims essentially at preserving the oppression of the Dalit-Bahujans, in addition to the Muslims and Christians, on which the entire edifice of Brahminism stands.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Muslim Leaders urge united fight against terrorism

BHUBANESWAR: Muslims from different corners of the country and outside assembled in a congregation organised to build a movement against terrorism and pledged themselves to fighting divisive forces here on Sunday.

At the conference on anti-terrorism and global peace, organised by Jamaiat-Ulama-I-Hind, Muslim intellectuals and religious heads condemned the act of terrorism or violence in any form whether by an individual or an organisation.

“The whole country should strive to bring misled section of youth of the country to right path. We should stop them by all means,” they said.

“It is mandatory for us to help each other in maintaining peace and harmony in society,” said Hazrat Maulan Syed Mehemood Asad Madani, head of Jamaiat-Ulama-I-Hind.

He said, “for us India is safest country in the world. We are stakeholders in the country’s development. Our predecessors had made sacrifice to free India from colonialism. Now the foremost duty before us is to fight divisive forces to take the country on path of development.”

The conference of Jamaiat-Ulama-I-Hind appealed to media organizations to refrain from presenting terrorism synonymous to any religion and called them not to interpret events with bias.

Maulana Abdul Mouyeedd Quasmi read out fatwa issued by Darul-Uloom, Deoband, against terrorism. The fatwa said there was no place for terrorism in Islam.

Passing a resolution, Jamaiat-Ulama-I-Hind demanded that a law against communal violence be formulated as early as possible. Hazrat Maulana Quari Syed Md. Usman, president of Jamaiat-Ulama-I-Hind administered oath to delegates on fighting terrorism.

Addressing the massive rally in the evening, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said his Government was committed to protecting life and property of every citizen. Any form of terrorism should be condemned in strongest possible terms, he said.

Swami Agnivesh, a social activist, said efforts should be made to keep communal forces at bay. They were the biggest threat to nations stability, he said. Another Hindu religious leader Baba Balia also spoke at the occasion.


HUJI tried to kill Kalam

New Delhi (PTI): Six Harkat-ul-Jehadi-e-Islami (HUJI) terrorists, accused of plotting to kidnap cricketers Sachin Tendulkar and Saurav Ganguly, had also attempted to assassinate A P J Abdul Kalam during his visit to Patna in 2001, the prosecution told a Delhi court on Monday.
"They (terrorists) also tried to assassinate A P J Abdul Kalam (the then Scientific Advisor to the Defence Ministry), when he visited Patna, but their plan could not succeed due to lack of logistic support there," Public Prosecutor Anita Hooda submitted before Additional Sessions Judge Pinki.
The chilling disclosure was made by Tariq Mohammed, a Pakistan-based HUJI militant, during his custodial interrogation, the prosecutor said while continuing with final arguments for the third day.
The arrested HUJI men were working at the instructions of their Pakistan-based masters, Asif Raza Khan, Umar Sheikh and Azam Cheema, she said.
"The leaders wanted them to abduct Sachin Tendulkar for ransom to raise funds for their terrorist activities. They also wanted to kidnap Saurav for the purpose of securing the release of their two men lodged in jails," the prosecutor, while referring to the chargesheet, submitted.
Besides attempting to kill Kalam, the accused also had a plan to "carry out explosions" at Bhaba Atomic Research Centre, Trombay, the prosecutor said.


Pakistan, BJP celebrate Communal violance in India- Shakeel Ahmed

Central Minister Dr. Shakeel Ahmed, at a seminar on terrorism and communalism at the Gandhi Museum in Patna on Monday, accused both Pakistan and the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) for stirring up trouble involving Hindus and Muslims to serve their own interests as and when needed.

"Any time there is a Hindu-Muslim conflict in India both Pakistan and BJP activists distribute sweets and celebrate," Ahmed said adding the Pakistani leaders knew that they could remain in power only by creating communal chaos in India.

The Congress leader accused the BJP of trying to derive political mileage out of the Mumbai terrorist attacks and appealed to the people not to support those who celebrate the killer of Mahatma Gandhi.

Classifying terrorists into four categories, Ahmed said they had no caste or religion and came in different flavors including the foreign-sponsored terrorists, domestic extremists like the Naxalites, the separatist, and the regionalists who were damaging the secular fiber of the nation.

Former Chief Minister Ram Sundar Das, museum secretary Dr. Razi Ahmed, and Jiyalal Arya also spoke on the occasion.

"If everyone just followed the path of Mahatma Gandhi, we would not have communal unrest as we have recently in our nation," Das said.


Gujarat Minster distributed Swords to Massacre Muslims

The government in an affidavit
in the Gujarat High Court has said that state minister Maya Kodnani led the mob, instigated them and distributed weapons to carry out Naroda riot which left 95 people dead in 2002. The affidavit was filed in the court on Thursday on the basis of findings of Special Investigation Team (SIT) appointed by the Supreme Court challenging anticipatory bail given to Kodnani by the lower court. "She was the leader of mob and was an MLA and allegations against her is she was instigating the mob to commit crime and therefore she was playing the main role," the affidavit said. The copy of the affidavit is with PTI. The affidavit said, "from one of the statements of witnesses it has been revealed that she had fired from her pistol, as well as, from another statement it has been revealed that she had come to the spot in a car with other persons and had distributed swords among the mob." Kodnani is a Minister of State for Higher Education in the Gujarat government and is regularly attending the ongoing Assembly session. Kodnani had gone underground after SIT declared her absconder and resurfaced only after the lower court granted anticipatory bail to her. The affidavit said she is a minister in the present government, so there are ample chances of tampering with prosecution witnesses by way of giving threat. It has said that about 15 witness have testified that a mob of around 15,000 people was headed by Kodnani and she was instigating the mob. Speaking about the lower court order, the affidavit says that lower court had passed the order of giving anticipatory bail to Kodnani without appreciating the affidavit placed on record by the prosecution, and without considering the papers of the investigation. The lower court's order granting anticipatory bail to Kodnani said that it is proved that she was part of the mob, but anticipatory bail was given to her on basis of parity as others who were part of the mob have been given bail.

The matter of anticipatory bail of Kodnani came up for hearing on Thursday, but Justice A S Dave of the Gujarat High Court declined to hear the petition saying "not before me".

Now the matter will come up for hearing in front of Justice D H Vaghela on February 24.

Over 95 people belonging to the minority community were killed and their properties destroyed in Naroda Patia and Naroda Gam by a mob on February 28, 2002 following the Godhra train buring incident.

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