Sunday, October 28, 2007

Did Hindu Population Decrease to 3% in Pakistan?

Hindu extremists claim that hindu population in pakistan decreased from 30% in post partition days to 3% today. They take it as an genuine reason to access license to spread hatred against muslims and kill them. Lets analyse this issue step by step and find out the truth:

The Hindu population in West Pakistan, that is today Pakistan, was 20% in 1941. That came down to 1.5% in 1951
According to the 1951 census, the population of west Pakistan was 33,816,000 or better 33.8 million
Around 6.5 million Muslims came into Pakistan while 5.4 Hindus left it. Therefore there was an addition of approximately 6.5-1.1=1.1 million people in the Pakistan population so we can assume that before the partition it was 33.8-1.1= 32.7 million. through Page 8 of the above pdf link)
Assuming the percentage of Hindus continued to remain 20% till 1947, their numbers before partition would have been 20/100 * 32.7= 6.54 million Hindus.Since we have established that 5.4 million Hindus left during the partition. 6.54-5.4=1.14 million Hindus were left behind. Using the same PDF link, we can estimate that around half a million Hindus were killed during parition riots therefore the net population of Hindus would have been 1.14-0.50= 0.64 million.So basically the percentage they now formed was 0.64/33.8 * 100= 1.89%

So the truth is, inspite of continous migration of pakistani hindus to dubai and other arab countries, their number has actual raised from 1.89% to 3%.


yusuf said...

wonderful post.

And it should also be mentioned that Muslim Population in east side of punjab i.e. the doab region is now 0%.

So it can be very well ascertained who were the greater killers - the hindus or the muslims.

ravi said...

as muslims are brutual by birth, they are so barbaric they can kill even their blood in the name of jihad, then what could minority hindus in pakistan do alone, i make a request to world body to help pakistani hindus for their existence. just u may compare the conditions of pakistan hindus and indian muslims, now u can rectify who are brutual either hindus or muslims.

Anonymous said...

Can you people ever come out of wishful thinking from making baseless calculations like this. Go check the official demographics of Pakistan in 1951 where the population ratio of Hindus and muslims is given. But you have conveniently taken a roundabout way to get down to what your number.

And look at this post, it starts with a self posed question with self thought numbers of 30% and 3%. But the truth is the 2001 census population percentage of hindu population in Pakistan is 1.89%. And if you now say, see its 1.89% and your point is still correct, oh boy you deserve your leaders who cannot control 3 arms of government in the name of democracy.

Learn from history. You cant control the Frankenstien monster you create. Terrorism is not anyone's friend. The terrorist groups you create today cannot be controlled tomorrow. You will be the first target of them. And if you keep shouting RAW is behind it, who will loose? I hope you can take this as a friendly suggestion. I pity if you cant see it.

Anonymous said...

My name is Mallikarjuna and excuse my name being posted as Anonymous.

mughalstan said...

To begin with the census in pakistan has often been manipulated,with some people claiming that its not done transparently and that such and such community or province,s population has been deliberately undercounted.It could be that the actual hindu in pak is higher than 3%.

vijay said...

I requested to indian people please save the hindu in pakistan

Ram said...

'Around 6.5 million Muslims came into Pakistan while 5.4 Hindus left it'- Does this apply to west Pakistan or United Pakistan? What is the basis of these figures? (Could not see it in the given Wiki link).
Why not use 1951 census of Pakistan?
You are comparing absolute figures of affected Muslims & Hindus, which is misleading. The right thing would be to compare percentage of affected Hindus in Pakistan against percentage of affected Muslims in India.
Ram from India

Rekha M said...

@Ravi, What Bakats do in India,They also kill muslims for eating beaf.Right? How do you justify that.

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